Have you ever wanted to know something really simple like how Tom Brady plays when Rob Gronkowski is out of the lineup? But then have you found that it takes you about an hour to download all of the required data from the internet and then run the calculations in Excel?

The Game Splits App is here to save you time and potentially save you from the divorce you were headed to because fantasy football research had overtaken your life.

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Using the controls in the App we can specify Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski was in the lineup, and then ask it to give us some stat lines. The App will then create an “in split” group of games and an “out of split” group of games with averages calculated for each group.

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It’s just that simple.

You can even look at things like how Peyton Manning fared when he was the underdog in a game. Or how Matt Ryan played when the point spread was greater than 50.

There are a number of trends that you could spot using this App.

For fun, and to see how it works, try looking at Geno Smith’s fantasy points in games the Jets won.