We used to spend hours each preseason in mock draft lobbies selecting players for pretend teams that would never win any leagues for us anyway. Half of the time we’d end up with deadbeat participants in these drafts who would bail right after they selected Adrian Peterson.

Then we cured our mock draft sickness by developing the Snake Draft Planner. The Snake Draft Planner uses Average Draft Position data to tell you whether the team you’re building is actually realistic or not. It will also help you by optimizing that team using industry projections.

To start, you just specify how many players at each position you need.

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Every time you make a change to one of these constraints, the Snake Draft Planner will update the team it selects for you with the optimized team subject to those constraints.

You can also specify to wait (for example) on the QB position until later in the draft. Just use these controls.

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The App will also need some information about your league settings and which slot you’re picking from:

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Once you give the App all of the inputs it will select a team for you.

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But this is where things get really fun. What if you wouldn’t touch Trent Richardson with a 10 foot pole? Well the App also makes it really easy to customize this team because you can “blacklist” and pre-select certain players that you know you’ll want to target.

Play around with the App and experiment with the endless combinations that could be your team in 2014.

Also be sure to check out the close cousin to the Snake Draft Planner, the Salary Cap App. The Salary Cap App maxes out your roster for auction leagues.