Updated for 2015 – the Daily Dominator App for Fanduel and DraftKings

Updated for 2015 – GLSP Apps for Weekly Projections – QBRBWRTE

Updated for 2015 – the Streaming D App and the Buy Low Machine

New App - Best Ball ADP - Streamline MFL10 Drafting

New App - Cheat Sheet Calculator - Customize a cheat sheet for your league

New App – Dynasty ADP (including a trade calculator)

Live for 2015 - The Draft Optimizer

Upgrade to the Full RotoViz Pass – Including Articles (Just $10)

New – Youtube tutorial on using the WR Sim Score App

Research. Save time. Dominate.

Web Apps to make your fantasy football life easy.

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The Game Splits App

Want to know how Tom Brady played when Rob Gronkowski was out of the lineup? Not really up for the hour of downloading tables off the internet and loading them in Excel that the job requires? The Game Splits App is what you’re looking for.

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RB Similarity Scores

Have you ever looked at a player’s stat line, like 2,000 yards rushing for instance, and wondered what other players that compiled the same stats did in their next season? We have too. So we built an App to cut out hours of research.

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WR Similarity Scores

In 2013 we had Josh Gordon on our radar early in the offseason based on his similarity to other past stud WR breakouts. The WR Similarity Score App was the driving force behind lots of our fantasy championships in 2013. Check out the App to find 2014′s Gordon.

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TE Similarity Scores

Get a range of projections for TEs using the Similarity Score App. Each player is “comped” to 20+ TEs from past seasons to arrive at a high, medium and low projection. Adjust the App to make a custom projection for players you want to examine.

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QB Similarity Scores

Andrew Luck’s 2013 season was similar statistically to past seasons like Josh Freeman 2010, Donovan McNabb 2007, and Steve McNair 2002. Maybe you don’t think of Luck in the same company as those QBs? The Apps provide an unbiased way to make comparisons.

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Draft Optimizer

Mock drafting can be among the most soul crushing mindless wastes of time. The Snake Draft Planner lets you experiment with roster combinations without ever having to brave the minefield that is a mock draft lobby. Let the App suggest optimized lineups.

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The Salary Cap App

The Salary Cap App is the auction league equivalent of the Snake Draft Planner. Input your league settings and the App will suggest an optimized lineup. Then tweak that lineup until you’re really happy with it. Warning: May become addictive.

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ADP Arbitrage

Average Draft Position can be exploited by savvy drafters. The ADP Arbitrage App helps you identify undervalued receivers that performed similarly to receivers going early in the draft. Use the App to find undervalued gems, or expensive busts.

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The Buy Low Machine

We used to spend hours going through the upcoming schedule to look for the best trade targets. Now we just spend a few minutes each week with the Buy Low Machine. Find easy patches of schedule, use that information to trade for players. Win.

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NFL Career Graphs

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The Career Graphs App is proof. Look at any player and get an instant picture of their career. Visualize players based on a number of statistical measures. Start experimenting now.

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College Career Graphs

Evaluating incoming rookies has become one of the last strongholds of the smart fantasy GM. It’s one of the only places where information overload hasn’t whittled away every GM’s advantage. Use the App to get a head start on prospect evaluation.

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The AYA App

Look up the passing efficiency of any QB/Receiver combo from the last 14 years. Compare teammates based on relative efficiency. Find the receivers that are underutilize by their teams. This App is a researcher’s dream. Start digging now.

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