The Buy Low Machine

The app below is a tool to visualize upcoming strength of schedule for the purposes of making trades.

It’s important to note that identifying trade targets by SOS is somewhat akin to counting cards in blackjack. Not every trade will actually work out. Sometimes the player you trade away with the difficult schedule will still perform well and sometimes the player you acquire with the easy schedule won’t perform any better than if they had an average schedule. But if you make enough “plus” trades over time you’ll end up a winner.

In order to get the most out of your trades it’s important to trade players that have equal value today, but where you’re getting the better player for the future. It doesn’t work to overpay for the player with the easy schedule because you’ll end up sucking all of your advantage out of the deal. For best results focus on trying to find the very best schedules over a period (top 3 easiest) and then put your trade energy into acquiring the very best opportunities.

The app could also be used to identify plus matchups during your fantasy playoffs.