For discussion on how this tool works, please see the commentary below the App.

We all know that auction leagues should be the default format for fantasy football, it’s only because of laziness that we continue to rely on the snake draft format. But even if auction leagues don’t gain in popularity at all in the future, fantasy sports is becoming a lot more salary cap driven with the advent of daily fantasy leagues. With that in mind I decided to code up an Auction Dominator that will create an optimized roster for auction and salary cap leagues. The version of the app above creates “King of the Mountain” lineups.  These lineups are the best that the app can find given a set of constraints. Play around with the roster and scoring settings in the app if you want to get some ideas on roster composition for your auction league. You can choose to be more risk averse, which would likely entail leaving a good amount of your budget for bench players. You can also customize the most commonly variable scoring settings as well.

The app as built below is a great way to get value ideas and I already have a few articles in my head after playing with it for a few minutes. But perhaps more importantly, if you’re a daily fantasy player, this is going to be the backbone of our in-season daily apps. One killer feature is the ability to remove player names from consideration. The reason that can be really useful in daily leagues is that it allows you to create multiple diversified lineups. You can put some money out on lineups with Aaron Rodgers, then have a few others where Rodgers has been removed from consideration. We’ll also have weekly lineup columns to go along with the app, but the really fanatical daily league players will probably want to experiment on their own.

Play around with the app and hope you enjoy.