The Streaming D App

The app below is a tool to visualize upcoming strength of schedule for fantasy defenses. Suitable uses for the app include looking for defenses on your waiver wire or even looking at defensive options in daily games.

The calculations that the app is based on involve looking at every game and figuring out how an offensive/defensive unit fared relative to how their opponent scored in all of their other games. To put it another way, each offense and defense is adjusted for the opponent they played. Currently KC has the top fantasy defense (the defense scores more than their opponents typically give up) while NYG has the worst offense (they typically allow opposing defenses to score more than those opponents did in other games). However, keep in mind that because a lot of fantasy defense is turnover driven and turnovers are largely random events, predicting fantasy defense scoring can be a crap shoot. But the tool below will at least let you look at teams that have favorable matchups.