Min/Max range of individual players should include the range of groups. (e.g., if the Max exposure for a group is 40%, all the players in that group should have max exposure set to 40% or greater)

Use Stack Max to determine how many players from each group to include. This can be used to do things like make sure all lineups include at least one of a group of players. The default is to try to include all players in a group in all lineups.


Global Maximum Exposure
Maximum Exposure % for All Players
Maximum Repeating Players
Maximum number of players that can repeat across lineups
Minimum Total Budget
All Lineups will have a budget greater than or equal to this number
Stack Position with QB
Lineup will include QB and one of the the selected position(s) from the same team
Allowed FLEX Positions
The positions that are available to fill the FLEX slot
Randomness (Max % Deviation)
Player projections will vary by this percentage
Avoid Opposing Defense
Lineup will not include DST/DEF that is facing any Offensive Players
Include Opposing QB and WR
Stack QB with At Least 1 WR from the opposing team


Teams to Include:
Individual Player Salaries: